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Rumors spread rather fast indeed. . .
 beyondgoodevil - (kaileena_chan)
09:21pm 15/03/2006
Kaileena posting in Beyond Good & Evil
Jeux Expo posted an article stating that BG&E2 was currently in pre-production. However, Ubisoft hasn't comfirmed that as of yet. It's funny to see just how fast the rumor has spread though. I'm just hoping it's more than just a rumor. C'mon Ubisoft, don't let us down!

Other sites with BG&E2 info: Joystiq and British Gaming Blog and many more.

On another note, I've just opened up the Beyond Good & Evil Fanlisting, in case anyone would like to join. Show the BG&E love :)

Edit: Alrighty, I'm not as fluent in French as I'd like to be (why didn't I pay attention in French?!), but I think I can understand what this article is saying.
I think it says that Ubisoft has confirmed that BG&E2 is being made, and that Jade will have two outfits to wear. oO It also mentions that BG&E2 will be on the next-gen consoles. And the approximate release date is Autumn 2007.
I still find it a bit fishy, since I'd like to hear all this from Ubisoft first. Then I shall proceed to squeal like the little fangirl that I am. ;)

Edit 2: I'm terribly sorry for all the editing I'm doing, but this time I bring bad news. It would appear that Ubisoft said the rumor was false. It could be that they just want to keep it as a surprise for E3, or that they simply aren't working on it yet.
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04:36am 16/03/2006 (UTC)
endure and survive
I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but this makes the 4th or 5th time in the last year I've seen rumors of a BGaE sequel being considered. Although with Michel Ancel's involvement in the recent King Kong video game drawing attention to BGaE, I'd say a sequel is more possible now than it ever has been.

Also, I joined your fanlisting earlier today. And I must thank you, I looked for one for a long while. ;)
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12:54pm 16/03/2006 (UTC)
Kaileena: Beyond Good & Evil
Indeed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for now though, at least until it is officially confirmed. That would probably be at E3 though. -__- The suspense is really killing me.

Yay! ;D Thanks for joining!
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