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Wake Up Community! ^_^
 beyondgoodevil - (untouchable)
10:29am 15/03/2006
endure and survive posting in Beyond Good & Evil
Um, hi. I hope this is ok. I randomly stumbled across this community just today (I'm slow) and thought it my duty as a fan to contribute a little something. It's not much but here's some fanart I did a little while back. Enjoy, or not, it is kinda sucky. ^_^
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(no subject)
07:38pm 15/03/2006 (UTC)
Sinful Stitches: Jade
That is nice. Thanks for sharing. :)
picword: Jade
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(no subject)
10:23pm 15/03/2006 (UTC)
Kaileena: Beyond Good & Evil
Oh my, how lovely! :D Thanks for sharing!
picword: Beyond Good & Evil
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